Remaining time timecode



  • Yes I finally found in the template what option to change - it was 2 places that seemed to need a change.

    I wanted it to be the default since I am bringing it in thru Millumin as a browser.

  • Couple samples modified for y'all to try. Bring it in as a Safari Browser in Millumin using These are both designed at 1920x1080. Add a CHROMA KEY to the layer using RED. I send these to my Video Switch which then gets added to the Multiview for the TD/Show Caller located FOH.

    Thank you Phillipe for putting this together for us.

  • Thank you @craigreilly for sharing this.

  • edited February 18

    anyone help? Sometimes I throw a PNG or JPG into the TIME layer. I would like the duration and countdown to go away, but I can not seem to get this to work,

    nothing ever shows for duration. I must be doing something wrong with the "IF" statement. (code shortened.)


    "type": "text",

    "id": "DURATION",

    "value": "TRT: @{durationString}",

    "default": "",

    "linkId": "",

    "address": "auto",

    "preArgs": "",

    "decimals": 2,

    "target": "",

    "top": 0,

    "if": {

    "properties": {

    "durationString": null



    "then": {

    "visible": false


    "else": {

    "visible": true



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