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  • Yes I finally found in the template what option to change - it was 2 places that seemed to need a change.

    I wanted it to be the default since I am bringing it in thru Millumin as a browser.

  • Couple samples modified for y'all to try. Bring it in as a Safari Browser in Millumin using These are both designed at 1920x1080. Add a CHROMA KEY to the layer using RED. I send these to my Video Switch which then gets added to the Multiview for the TD/Show Caller located FOH.

    Thank you Phillipe for putting this together for us.

  • Thank you @craigreilly for sharing this.

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    anyone help? Sometimes I throw a PNG or JPG into the TIME layer. I would like the duration and countdown to go away, but I can not seem to get this to work,

    nothing ever shows for duration. I must be doing something wrong with the "IF" statement. (code shortened.)


    "type": "text",

    "id": "DURATION",

    "value": "TRT: @{durationString}",

    "default": "",

    "linkId": "",

    "address": "auto",

    "preArgs": "",

    "decimals": 2,

    "target": "",

    "top": 0,

    "if": {

    "properties": {

    "durationString": null



    "then": {

    "visible": false


    "else": {

    "visible": true



  • hello I finally achieve to run it in a window

    question how I can run it on safari ?

    or inside millumin

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    Hi Forum,

    I've been banging my head on this for two days now.

    Where is the information on what to do with these .json files?

    I've downloaded open-stage-control and have absolutely no idea what anything in this control panel means or what to change. I can't find a single tutorial on even how to use it to do anything.

    The countdown clock .json files open but everything says undefined. The link to the countdown app that is referenced throughout Millumin's free apps and the other forum post is a broken link and was posted in 2019.

    I'm no programmer, just a user who desperately needs the countdown clock to be larger than 6pt font. Please anyone post a comprehensive tutorial on making this cobbled mess of .json files with open-stage-control or some other thing work. Posting a screen shot of the final output doesn't help me do it, it just frustrates me that I know it's possible but have no way to learn the steps to do it.


  • @daveknode

    Run open stage control, load the json file, click the play button.

    In Millumin change the layer name to time, go to the OSC option tab and change the port to 8080 and select the ip address in the drop down

  • Hello @daveknode,

    On our help-center, there is this tutorial here that explains how to open an Open-stage-control template (the .json file).

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I removed the old and dead link from our help-center.

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