Virtual Syphon Screen viewable mouse cursor

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I'm using millumin for mapping. The 3D program that i use is cinema 4D.
Cinema 4d doesn't have a full screen feature, so it's difficult to project my objects on surfaces and make a model out of it (throughout the projector). So my thought was this: to use virtual syphon screen and then crop it and scale it as i want through millumin. The only problem is that i cannot see the mouse cursor. This can be very helpful for other applications also that do not support "real" full screen (like illustrator).
Is there a way that i can do that?
Thank you in advance

ps. here's a screenshot so you can understand better what i am trying to do.


  • Hello @manos,

    I think if you have a question about Virtual Syphon Screen : you should post it here, so its creator could help you.
    By the way, I think you're looking for another application : did you try Syphoner ? It should be perfect for you.

    Best. Philippe
  • Oh I see!
    Thank for that @Millumin !
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