Millumin 2 & 1

1st of all the new version looks absolutely fantastic, the new dash board is what I was dreaming of... :)
I have 2 questions:
1. Will millumin 1.62 & millumin 2.0 would be able to run side by side? For me it's prefferable to use the stable 1.62 before I make the move to the new one, on the other hand it would let me test & experience the new version.
2. As there is a mapable "NEXT Collumn" button is there an option for triggering a "Previous" one?
Thank You.


  • Hello @vjkatza,

    Both Millumin instance could run side by side so you can test the V2 while working on the V1. Be aware that for now you can't import V1 project into V2. This feature should be available in one of the next release. 

    There is no previous column button. If you find this important, you can submit an user voice explaining the use case so that we can keep tracks of users feedback.

    Antoine M*
  • Thank you so much,
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