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Hi Philippe,

I've got many works in this period, but in all of them i need the freerun mode in timeline, with cuepoints that we already speak about so long.
Theres any way to have it in a new release?
Theres any possibility to select in dashboard if i want to play a content in once mode and not in a loop?



  • Hello @dadovisual,

    New cuepoints will come in the next months (loop, jump-to, pause), but for now, I'm very focused on the update with multi-mask, new videomapping engine, and performances optimizations. It's a matter of days.

    However, you can use a composition (or a movie) in "play once" mode : you just have to play with the "loop" option in properties panel (see image below).


    Best. Philippe
  • Kindly as usual, thanks philippe.
  • Philippe, Can you give us a preview of what are you planning for the new videomapping engine? i am new to OpenGL but i have been doing research, what are you planning to use in this new feature, B-Spline or NURBS for the warp part?
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    Hello @amacharro,

    Videomapping won't change and you will be able to use the 3 tools as usual  :
    • mapping : 4 corners perspective
    • warping : rigid or bezier (bezier is b-spline warping)
    • multi-mask with feather
    Because it's doesn't concern this thread, please reply to me at contact@millumin.com  ;)

    Best. Philippe
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