Blackmagic Intensity Thunderbolt

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Hi Philippe im just at the playing with stage with this program and i must say so far so go, very intuative but i do use a Blackmagic Intensity Thunderbolt card and i was wondering if you could email me the app to use this capture card within millumin.

Many Thanks




    I sent just you an email with the mini-app.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @ANDRIANMOOREAVLTD, Did you test already The BM intensity thunderbolt???? can you said me how many frames latency did you have with this card. if somebody had test the ultra studio express BM thunderbolt card can you send me how may frames latency did you check.

  • Hello @didier,

    On my own BM Intensity Shuffle Thunderbolt, I got 1 or 2 frames latency (using my mini-application).
    Hope it helps.

    Best. Philippe
  • By the way, someone ran a test with a Gopro here.
  • Hi Philippe

    Could u send me the mini app for BMD products? I'm interested to use the H264 pro encoder as well as live feed.


  • Hello @kevinlam61,

    I just send you an email with the mini-application.

  • Have you ever worked with Black Magic Intensity Extreme with an incoming signal from a PC?
  • Hello @Lars,

    I never faced this case with a BM Intensity Extreme, but I don't see any problem at all : if the signal from PC is Component or HDMI, you will be able to capture it.
    Please check the connection diagram here, so you will be sure that you can connect your PC to the BM card.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello Philippe,
    I have the Black Magic mini recorder and it works very well with an incoming signal from a Mac, but not with PC. I have also asked BM, but i don't get a answer. I will try it with vnc and syphon.
    best wishes
  • Hello Philippe

    We're very interested in using Millumin to ingest pro video into Syphon. Looks like Syphon camera isn't supporting our new BMD Mini Recorder or Pro Recorder. I would love to get the mini-app you've created. And if there are other solutions for feeding BMD products into Syphon we're very interested.

  • Hello @JesseCHub,

    Next version of Millumin will support BMD card natively, so you won't have to worry about the mini-application. The update should be out in a few days.

    Best. Philippe
  • Philippe

    Wich Blackmagic card do you recommend to ingest video to millumin, I want to send it from a Sony Anycast HD

  • Hello @Rich,

    It depends if you need an extern or intern Blackmagic card, and on your needs.
    It's just my advice but following models are great :
    • Intensity Shuffle Thunderbolt (extern, one input at a time)
    • Intensity Extreme (extern, one input at a time)
    • DeckLink SDI (intern, up to 3 inputs at the same time)

    Best. Philippe

  • Will this app work with the Blackmagic Mini Recorder?  If so could you email it to me please it would be a great help.
  • Hello @Mcorey86,

    Millumin supports Blackmagic card natively, so you don't need the mini-application any more.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello@Millumin
    If I use intensity pro ,Can up to 3 input at the same time?
  • Hello @wei,

    Millumin supports multiple capture cards, and multiple inputs as weel.
    However, the Intensity Pro only have 1 inputs. You should look for a DeckLink model.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hellow Millumin 

    I mean if i use 3 Intensity Pro into one machine,Can up to 3 input at same time?
  • Hello @wei,

    Yes, it will work.
    In a general manner, the rule is simple : if OSX can recognize your devices, Millumin will also do.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe
    I found about 5 frames of latency.
    I use Blackmagic Teranex or hyperdeck. Same latency
    Do you think with your mini application it's better ?
  • Hello @Nicolas,

    The mini-application is now useless, as Millumin now supports natively Blackmagic cards (it uses Blackmagic libraries directly).
    5 frames (or 150ms) latency is usual when using external capture cards, such as the Teranex or Hyperdeck. I doubt you could have lower latency (even with other manufacturers).
    To get better latency, you should use internal capture cards, such as Decklink ones.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hi, I've just bought a BM and the Millumin haven't recognized it! I think I'm going to need the "mini application". Could you send me the link?


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    Hello @digowmarques,

    The mini-application is now useless, as Millumin now supports natively Blackmagic cards (please read comment above for more details).
    What's your BM card ? Did you install the lastest drivers from BM ? Did you choose the right mode (see the properties panel on the right) ?

    Best. Philippe
  • hi, yes, I'm on the latest driver , what are the configurations correct? I can see the control panel on the right side of the BMD millumin however what must be configured?
  • Hello @digowmarques,

    Does you BM card run correctly with Blackmagic Media Express ? You should first test it with this software.

    Best. Philippe

  • Yes, already tested in Blackmagic Media Express and is working perfectly, but when I try to millumin the screen is all black, I'm sending the pictures attached for your review
  • Hello @digowmarques,

    I don't think the "mode" should be "NTSC" ... Change it to match your input.

    Best. Philippe
  • changed and it worked! Thank you Philippe! =)
  • Hello @digowmarques, can you say me the latency of the system. We want to use to capture a live camera. 

    Ahora, como he visto que hablas español y que lo has comprado para lo mismo que la quiero usar yo, quiero que me aclares si al grabar con una camara, por ejemplo, un discurso se aprecia la diferencia entre la voz y la imagen, gracias, espero tu respuesta. Soy español, de Alicante, saludos.
  • Hello Philippe, I wonder if the Millumin has surporte for 2 BMD, to be able to do 2 live inputs.
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