Render composition to MOV

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If like some users, you got 60 layers, it could be hard for your machine.
So this small feature should be very useful to you ;)


  • Ok, it's now available in version 0.53.
    I'm waiting for your feedback :)
  • tested with 3 mov files, not so big, h264 codec (i know is bad :)

    anyway, work GREAT the resulted .mov file play fluid and without problem also with the preview mode 

    (click spacebar on mov file)

    here bl4ck5h33p (twitter) or Luca (from italy)

  • Cool, thanx for let us know !
  • Hi ! It works perfectly but I tried to render a selection but it didn't take my transitions (automatic or advanced), my layers just appeared ! Did I miss something ?
  • Hello @rlalire,

    Automatic transitions are designed for the dashboard, but not for the timeline since there are keyframes. There are processed in realtime, so not compatible with rendering a composition (not realtime).
    One solution could be to record your output with Syphon Recorder : see this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you ! I tried but it's not fluid, maybe it's because of my configuration (MacBook Pro i7 2,8ghz 8go ram)...
  • Hello @rlalire,

    If you have a MacBookPro 13'' with a low graphic card, I guess this is the reason why you want to render your composition : saving power.
    In this case, you should use keyframes with compositions, then render your composition.

    Best. Philippe
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