Pixel perfect sizeing and positioning

Hi Phillipe,

are you planning to implement some kind of pixel perfect sizing and positioning tool into Millumin?

If I launch a video it starts to play with it's original size and at this moment the only possibility to change it's size is to change the scale. I usually mapping to LED walls and I need a pixel perfect tool to size and place the content into my output. The slice function is really good but there is only an eyeballing possibility to slice up the video into different pieces.

I use Datapath X4 almost all the time so placing several video contents into my huge output is crucial for me. 

Thank you for your reply



  • Hello @DarkSideVisual,

    For now, it's not planned .But feel free to create an idea on Uservoice (it helps us to keep track of user requests, and see their popularity). We will study the possibility to set the size in pixels (the position can already be set in pixels via the Properties panel on the right).
    Millumin V2 will have LED mapping directly available inside the application (so no need of a Datapath X4). It's currently in private beta, and you can subscribe on the website.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Phillipe,

    Thank you for your fast reply. I will post some idea to Uservoice for sure about this topic. I think this is an important feature for a professional event and show playback software/media server. Millumin is great so it should have it either :)

    The reason why I need Datapath is not LED mapping but to have several outputs. My TitanX graphics card has 4 outputs (actually it has five but only four can work at the same time) but when I have complex scenes or shows I need lot more. I can set two 4K outputs to two X4s which is 8 outputs, one for the GUI and I have one more for a single usage or an another X4 with lower resolution.
    Sometimes I have 12 outputs for the LED walls and the projectors but from the PC only three comes out. Thats why pixel perfection is really crucial for me because I have to distribute all my video files or live feeds to the proper places for the X4s.

    X4 is a great hardware, you can set different output and frequency to each of its outputs, you can overlap, rotate so it is known everything what you need to split up a huge input signal. I can say only one disadvantage which is the DVI input. Dual link DVI only knows 3840x2160 in 30Hz but modern graphics cards now has Displayport outputs which easily can send out the 4K in 60Hz. Datapath should consider to have a version with Displayport input.

    I already subscribe to the beta last week now I just waiting for the email :)

  •  Hello @DarkSideVisual,

    OK, undersdood.
    We know well how the Datapath X4 is working (small partnership with this company). The dual-link DVI is indeed an old choice, no more relevant today. An equivalent with mini-display port the TRIPP LITE B156-004-HD (we will post a summary of our tests for this device asap).

    By the way, Millumin V2 is working greatly with the X4 : you can directly choose each quarter of the X4, so it's very easy to do an horizontal soft-edge for example (otherwise it's not obvious, since the X4 is seen as a giant 4K screen).

    Best. Philippe
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    Concerning the DVI opinion of yours I am totally agree with you: it is an old choice, but in the event business that is the only choice today. I don't know any solutions to distribute a DP signal to another DP projector e.g. 70 meters in a huge venue. (you can not make it with DVI either but you have optical converters for that).

     I will check the device what you linked. Good to hear that MilluminV2 has that kind of feature, I hardy wait for the beta download link.


    edit: I checked the device what you linked. It is looks good however it has lot less options that X4. As I read there is no EDID, in video wall mode you only can split the outputs to equal pieces, no rotations, no scaler options.

    Please, somebody create an X4 clone with DP input! I will definitely buy at least three.

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