Triggering Cues with DMX

Super straight forward question:

   I want to trigger the next column to fire in a dashboard using a cue in the LX console.  I plan on doing this with DMX (one of the venues consoles can't send artnet or midi).  So in my LX console what value am I sending to make this happen...I understand the concept using parameters that have a value range but since this is more of a I/O type thing I wanted to make sure I understood it...will the next column trigger when said dmx channel is at 255? 1?  Also do I need to need to make a quick auto follow Q in the LX console (to drop it back down to 0) so it doesn't keep triggering the next column over and over, or is it only per value change?  Any advice that people could offer would be great appreciated as sadly I don't have the console in front of me for a few more weeks (as i'm sure 10 mins playing with it would answer these questions) but I want to get a Q structure down as soon as I can.


  • Hello @maxbowman,

    With Milluplug, the next column is launched only if the value is superior than 0.
    So it will trigger when you go from 0 to another value. But not if you change value or go back to 0.

  • Great, Thank you!
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