Shortcut keys for subtitling


How can I setup shortcuts for subtitling ? 
I use Millumin and I'll use a lot of subtitling...
But I can't use Glypheo (who is a good software, by the way...) because my subtitling is on live video...

Any idea ?




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    hello @PPHHMM,

    The osc documentation allows you to set previous/next line on a text layer. You could access this via MilluPlug and connect a keyboard key to the previous/ next line of your text

    Hope it helps.

    Antoine M*
  • antoineM,

    I found a solution with the marvelous Glypheo.
    So, I'll ask you the same question : is there any midi connection with Glypheo ?


    Pierre M
  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    Sorry, Glypheo does not feature MIDI connection.

    Best. Philippe
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