Change dashboard column without jump

I'm not sure if this can be done, but here goes:

I have this clip of clouds moving across a sky. It's about 5 minutes long and loops continuously throughout a 15 minute scene. I also have a clip of birds flying across the sky. It's about 5 seconds long and doesn't loop. The birds enter from screen left and fly across the frame, exiting screen right. I want to cue the birds on a particular line of dialogue in the scene so that it looks like they're flying over the clouds. So I want the birds to come in, but without breaking the motion of the clouds. What's the best way to set that up in the dashboard?



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    Hi @kramser,

    You can do this by using the "continue" function in the dashboard

    -On the "cloud" layer, in the first column put your media in infinite loop
    -Click on "edit board" and activate continue on the cloud layer second column.
    -Add your bird media in a second layer (second column)

    When you'll hit space from first to the second column, the cloud media will continue playing and the birds will start to pass.

    Antoine M*
  • Thanks!
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