AJA io 4K with Mac Pro

We just purchased a new Mac Pro and an AJA io 4K. I am unable to get Millumin to show the AJA's inputs. I have used AJA io devices before and they showed up right when I connected it. Any suggestions on how to make this work?


  • Hello @dnorris,

    Can you capture via Quicktime ? If it works with Quicktime, it will work with Millumin.
    At our studio, the AJA Io XT is working via the Quicktime component provided by AJA.

    I guess you should contact AJA support to know if the Io 4K is compatible with any "Quicktime or AVFoundation related software", or if it requires using their own libraries.

    Like we did for Blackmagic products, we planned to add native support for AJA products (I mean using their
    own libraries, like for Premiere or FinalCut), but I cannot give you a
    release date of such a feature.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @Millumin,

    as the aja sdk integration is not listed in your millumin 2 roadmap, does it mean we can't expect something till next year ?
    i really like the quality of aja products, having an io express on my mbp it never let me down

    an io 4k controlled by the sdk
    with a BM Smarthub cleanswitch would give us 4x 3G SDI Channels I/O a dream for corporate and theatre jobs

    if you need some beta testers for aja integration
    i am in the boat


  • Hello @m_theater,

    As said in my previous message, we cannot give a date. Sorry.
    But we tested the AJA Io XT, and it's working perfectly with Millumin V1 (even without SDK/libraries support, only with generic drivers of AJA).
    That's why I asked dnorris to contact AJA support regarding AJA Io 4K support (I'm surprised the behavior is different than AJA Io XT).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe, Thank you for the reply. I finally figured it out. The drivers were installed properly, the hardware just needed a firmware update. Everything appears to be in order now. Thanks again for your help.
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