OpenGL issue

Has anyone come across this issue when trying to open the Millumin application.


  • Hi Arveen,

    This exceptional error, came from a huge graphic card error.
    You shouldn't be able to use any software which require openGL. You could verify this by trying to launch syphon simple server.

    You could try restarting your computer and if you're using a Hackintosh, check that the drivers are correctly installed.
    If the problem persists, can you tell us the hardware/OS version you are using?

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    Hello Antoine,

    thanks for the help, I'm able to run the Syphone Simple Server and client.
    I tried running Millumin 2.07beta which works fine.

    Im using a MacPro 
    Do find attached the specs of this machine 

  • Hello @Arveen,

    As asked by Antoine : did you reboot your computer ? Also, you should update to latest OSX Yosemite (version 10.10.4).
    Be sure to run the lastest version of Millumin (if needed, you can download it from the website).

    If the problem persists, please create a new session (a new user) on your OSX, then log in and try again (to check if there is a small program is causing the issue).
    From our experience : many users work with Millumin and the new MacPro, and none have faced such a popup.

    For info : this error means that OpenGL cannot be initialized correctly. It's a very rare issue, reflecting a serious problem between OSX and the graphic card.

    Best. Philippe
  • 1. I've rebooted the system a couple of times. 
    2. I've updated the system 
    3. I've downloaded the latest version of millumin.
    4. i will try to reinstall the OS X and c if the problem still persists. 

    will revert back after i do the reinstall.


  • Issue Resolved..

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