Millumin cheapo lite version

For my work I'm only interested in the dashboard window, I don't need composition and FX functions.
I would like  to know if it would be possible to buy a lite version of Millumin with only the basis functions


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    Hi @Dan_de_Rosilles,

    There is only one version of Millumin. We do not provide lite versions. Sorry.


  • Im asking a training version of Millumin. We have six lisenses on our computers but have new people that would need to get to know Millumin better. It would be great if after the 30day trial or even during that there would be a "watermark" on the output or something...

  • Hello @dnny,

    This is exactly what is doing the trial version of Millumin (that you can download on the website) : after 30-days, the trial display a watermark, but remains functional.
    There is no training version of Millumin : only trial and licensed versions.

    Best. Philippe
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