Audio loop break ?


I'd like to loop a composition in Millumin but there is an audio break when the composition comes back to the start. So I can't keep a good transition... Is there a solution to loop audio without break ?

Thank you !



  • Hello @achart,

    Could you try with Millumin in 32-bits mode ? (see Preferences)
    In fact, Millumin in 64-bits mode uses an Apple framework called AVFoundation : while it's very efficient to playback video (especially in terms of performances for big videos), it has some minor cons (such as less accuracy to playback loops).
    In 32-bits mode, the old Quicktime framework (now deprecated by Apple) is used : not designed for the future, but in some very special cases, such as yours, it might be better.

    Best. Philippe
  • My Millumin is already in 32 bits to work with my Motu ultralite. Is there an other solution than create a six hours composition ? My installation should play a full day.

    Thanks Philippe!
  • Hello @achart,

    How many minutes is your loop ? Don't you have a crossfade at the end and the beginning of your loop if it's very long ?
    Describe exactly what is your "audio break" ?

    Do you use audio-only files ? Or audio-video files ?
    Be sure to have hit the button "Optimize" to be sure that you're using good codecs (for audio-only files, it should be AIFF or WAV).

    By the way, you can loop your media inside a composition by extending them on the right or on the left : you will see the repetitions.

    Best. Philippe
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    It is a 25 minutes installation (played all day long) with 10 x AIFF audio tracks and 2 x HAPQ 1080P video tracks. None audio-video files. I ckecked your "Optimize" section but there is nothing.

    I don't want to crossfade at the end and the beginning of my loop. My audio tracks come from Ableton and it loops perfectly in Ableton. I hoped to hear the same thing in Millumin but there is a little break (a silence and a popping sound) when the playhead goes back to the begining of the composition.



  • Hello @achart,

    Is your loop playing seamlessly in the dashboard ? Put one of your audio loop inside a layer, start it, then move the time around the end (open the "Time panel" on the right of the dashboard).
    For info, Ableton Live uses a very accurate audio processing system, while Millumin uses Quicktime or AVFoundation frameworks that are not as accurate as Live. This may change in the future, but nothing sure at all.

    Best. Philippe
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