Any trouble with wmv player application flip4mac?

Hi everybody,

Has anyone had trouble with wmv optimization in millumin?
In my case one day I installed flip4mac player (just the player, not the pro version to convert files), just to be able to watch wmv files in my browser. Once installed, it's in the osx preference panel. Then when I used wmv files in a millumin project, when I optimize them, I got a ugly flipplayer watermark with a flipplayer jingle. So I removed the application. Since that, millumin is not able to optimize wmv files, nor import them in project. Any solutions? Do I have to reinstall osx or millumin as it probably has been corrupted by flip4mac ?

thanks, best


  • Hello @Josl1,

    Millumin doesn't play wmv files natively (nor QuickTime).
    You have two options :
    - re-export your medias in an appropriate codec (photo-jpeg)
    - buy flip4mac software to be able to convert the files.

    Antoine M*
  • Hello again @Josl1,

    You could also give a try to : It should allow to convert your files.

    Antoine M*
  • Hello Antoine,

    Thanks for your reply, and yes handbrake is a great solution, I used it yesterday, and now all is ok.


  • I had huge issues with Flip4Mac on breaking Quicktime playback of other files. I'd recommend you install Flip4Mac only when you need it, then remove it. Thankfully wmv is a dying codec.
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