Premultiply Video with Alpha???

Hello all, 

I'm wondering if there is a premultiply option when compositing a video with alpha (Apple ProRes 4444) over a full screen video, in the dashboard?

For example: I have white text animating on over a black background which I saved out with an alpha (Apple ProRes 4444) and when I comp this over a looping full screen video I get a tiny black edge around the white type. This happens in most compositing software, but is removed when you set the alpha to premultiply.



  • Hello @peterthebelanger,

    Sorry, there is no such an option (except for Syphon streams).
    You can create an idea on Uservoice (it helps us to keep track of user request and see their popularity), but the best solution would be to render your video unpremultiplied.

    Best. Philippe
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