How do keyframes apply for all linked layers? Dashboard mapping vs composition.

Hello. I'm new to millumin and like the intuitive mapping options already.

I have a composition with 4 slices and want to scale and move the image that is displayed on all slices that the same time the same way.
I can can't figure out how to create keyframes that apply to all 4 slices a the same time? When I animate the keyframes on layer 1 it only works on one slice.

Also: I have created the slices in a composition. Is there a difference between creating slices/ mapping in a composition vs the dashboard?



  • Hello @lichtermeer,

    In Millumin, one slice = one "copy layer". 
    Each layer have it's own keyframes.

    The easy way to do this would be : 
    - animate one slice with the keyframes
    - select all the keyframes (using shift key)
    - copy them to the other layers (cmd+c, cmd+v).

    Mapping/slicing tools are the same in composition and in dashboard.

    Antoine M*
  • Hello Antoine
    Thanks for the quick answer.
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