Simple slideshow with mapped output

I'm not an expert videomapper, but I need a simple feature:
I have to project a normal image slideshow on a floor and wall. The only feature that I need, is to map the projector output, so that my images will automatically blend to the mapped area, also if I want to zoom or rescale independently some of the images, without having to change layer and remap it.
I hope I explained myself. sorry for my bad english.
thank you!


  • Hi @tolteko,

    You can achieve this using the compositions in Millumin.

    - create two compositions (one for the floor, one for the wall).
    - In your compositions add one image per layer and use the scale/map tool to resize them.
    - If you have a lot of images, render your composition to increase performances (composition -> render composition to file).
    - Import your movies in the dashboard and map them to the floor and wall.

    Antoine M*
  • thank you very much Antoine,
    you understood my issue and solved it easily!
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