Will Millumin move to Metal?

Dear Millumin team,

As Apple just released the beta of El Capitan, it also revealed Metal for OS X, which seems to be a killer graphic API.
Hence my question, will you move your graphic developments to Metal, and if so, will it be for v1 as well, or only v2? Moreover what can we wait from Metal with our use of Millumin?
And one last bonus question… when will we receive our betas of Millumin v2? ;-)

Thanks in advance!



  • Hello @vbaudron,

    It's too early to know if Metal will keep its promise. Sorry, time will tell.
    To know more about Metal, I suggest you to browse the dedicated Apple website.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : sorry for the delay about the private-beta, you will receive yours soon
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