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Hi there

I am trying to import mpeg files into Millumin, but it does not seem to work. I cant see anywhere if it is not supported by Millumin.

Problem is, that I have 2 Full HD video clips which are supposed to run simultaneously and the video artist will not
accept any conversion of the files with loss of quality. I have tried to convert in QT X but the size of the file indicates loss
of quality. QT 7 will not accept these video files. 

File ending of the files are not .mpg but .mpeg

Any suggestions?


  • Hello @Sebastian,

    You can use MPEG files with Millumin, but you need to install a codec for Quicktime (such as the Apple one, or an equivalent). If Quicktime can play it, Millumin will do.

    By the way, 2 things :
    • big size doesn't mean good quality : it depends rather on the codec
    • the best codec for live audiovisual software, is Photo-JPEG : you can set the quality to 100%, but be sure you got a fast-enough drive to play all your movie files smoothly
    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe

    I forgot all about the apple codecs in my hurry to get this to work, the problem is the artist and the museum, they dont want to change the file codec, but I will give it a shot.

    The files are fed to 2 x Christie 10.000 lumens projectors, so I will try to convince them to go with Photo-JPEG as I also recommended to them before.


  • Hmm.

    Seems like the MPEG-2 component is supposed to be built-in for OSX Lion, and cannot be installed.

    However, I downloaded MPEG Streamclip where I can install the plug-in from apple, around the Lion/Apple installation and system.

    Now, Millumin accepts the files :-)

    On to the next test with new Matrox Triple Head

  • Cool, thank you @Sebastian for letting us know !
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    Ok, so I got the mpeg files to play, but they are lagging and not in sync (2 files) I tried converting them into .mov files with Photo-JPEG and the files got bigger than the original mpeg files on High settings in QT 7, and still lagging a bit.

    I am running the demo version of Millumin, latest version and on my MacBook Pro Early 2011 with 4GB RAM and internal SSD HD

    Maybe the Mac Mini (late 2012) will do a better job?

    Oh, and running it with the latest Matrox Triple Head Digital SE which is very cool, and very easy to set up in Millumin.

  • Hello @sebastian,

    Could you tell me what is the resolution of your MPEG files ?

    By the way, when you convert your files to Photo-JPEG, it's normal that the size increases : it's because there is less compression. But it's very interesting as Photo-JPEG will save a lot of ressources !
    Just be sure that :
    - your drive is fast enough to read all your movies
    - the right graphic card is selected (Macbook Pro got 2 graphic cards, use gfxStatus)

    Finally, I don't think the Mac Mini will do a better job. But you can send me your project (MILLU file only) at contact@millumin.com , so I could dig your problem.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello

    The resolution of the files are: 1920x1080

    The Graphics is, by gfxStatus, AMD Radeon HD 6490M and I do not know if I should use Dynamic Switching, Discrete Only or Integrated only?

    My SSD HD should be fast enough, playing them i Compressor.app does nor lag, only in QT or Millumin.

    I will send the MILLU file to you ASAP.
  • Hello @sebastian,

    If the file is lagging in Quicktime, it will lag in Millumin as it's using the same codec.
    How many files do play at the same time ?

    Convert your files to Photo-JPEG (quality 80%). If it's still lagging, try to read your files via an external Firewire drive. You should be able to play several fullHD movie with your MacBook Pro.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : about gfxStatus, you should be in "dynamic switching" (OSX switches to the right graphic card when needed)
  • Ok, I will try to run it off an FW drive. I only play 2 files at the same time.

    I will be back with more info asap.

  • Hi Philippe !

    I just read the Sebastian's post on January's 21st (see above). 

    Can you please explain us the difference between "Dynamic Switching", "Discrete Only" or "Integrated setups" in order to setup the right MBPro graphic card in gfxStatus applet?

    It is the first time I hear about the presence of two graphic cards in my MBPro and I would like to know more about that ;-)

    Thx !

  • Sorry ! I didn't see you PS in your answer (21st January). Now, it's K about gfxStatus.

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