BMD Intensity Pro 4K and Sonnet - Echo Express SE II Thunderbolt 2-to-PCIe Card


So If anyone knows a quick fix PLEASE HELP.

I loaded fresh drivers pre-update and tested them (no joy), then loaded the most up to date software version for the Intensity Pro 4k.


I basically cannot get a squeak when capturing out of any PC just getting a black screen. I tried a video camera and the image seemed to be good on 1080i but unstable (rolling and flickering) at 1080p.


I can get a stable 1080i image out of a mac but it doesn’t look great on a monitor (not good enough to show).  I can get 720P as well but basically it looks as bad as 1080i to be honest.


I spoke to BMD and they say this card isn’t listed in the Sonnet compatibility list, but recommended I change all the cables and use short HDMI cables - which I did.   No joy 1080P is completely unstable and unusable (you get a flickering half picture at best, nothing at worst).  So I called Sonnet in the US and spoke to a chap, who said they had not tested the intensity pro 4k but had done other 4k cards in the BMD portfolio with no issues.


Next I swapped the whole shebang around – using my mac as the host and another mac as the source.


Basically the only way I can a decent signal out of the intensity Pro is to do it at 1080P @ 30hz.  I’ve tried it and it seems OK, clean, videos seem to run OK, overall not too bad, even when a blend is running etc. My gut feel is that this card simply does not do what it says it should do, ie 1080p 50hz.

The throughput straight through cdmi to a monitor works great but not through the thunderbolt.

Any ideas anyone please? very stuck here, 

Thank You 

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