find efect and param for a key

I would like to map a key of my keyboard to active and desactive an effet (invert) but I can't find this in milluplug between all the number of effects and the same in param...
Can you help me ?


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    Hello @romaincarlier,
    Milluplug doesn't allow you to active/desactive an effect.
    To achieve your goal, you could create a little patch on Quartz, Processing, or an other creative coding environment.

    The OSC parameter to enable an effect is "/millumin/layer/effect4/enabled/0". You will find a full explanation in the documentation.

    Antoine M*

  • Pfiou... I can't make this, I'm a novice in this stuff.
    I just would like to enable and disable the "invert" effect with a key...
    Bad news :(
    So thank you for your answer

    So what is the fonction of Milluplug on the effect and param purposed ?
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    Please find attached a quartz affect that allows you to switch the effect (invert) on and off with Milluplug. 

    See the screenshot for configuration.

  • Hoooo great, thank you very much.
    Where do I have to put the .qtz file ?
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    To install a Quartz effect, please refer to this tutorial.

  • Awesome.... I will try it asap ...
    Thx a lot !
  • Hi. I thank you for the file .qtz but Millumin doesn't purpose me "Quartz" in effect panel ... :-(
    I have installed Quartz Composer and put the file in the Library/Graphics/Millumin file
  • Hi, @romaincarlier,

    Please check that you followed the right path : 

    - In Finder CMD+SHIFT+G should open a path windows (needed to access the user library path which is hidden)

    - Enter the path : "/Users/username/Library/Graphics/Millumin/". Replace "username" by your name.

    - If you computer is not in english translate Library in your language (bibliothèque in french).

    - Create Graphics/Millumin if it doesn't exist.

    - Restart Millumin 



  • OK. I wil try this very soon. Thank you for the time passed on my case ;)
  • Great... It works.... Thx
    What is the number of effect and param if I want active and desactive a second effet with an another key, like Strob (cf : screeenshot). How can I find the number which meet the effect wished ?

    Thx a lot !
  • Sorry, the attached file didn't work
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    As stated in Antoine first message : there is no option in MilluPlug to enabled/disable effects.
    You can do it via OSC (/millumin/layer/effect4/enabled/0 in TouchOSC for example). Or you can create your own effect with Quartz Composer : this is what Antoine did with InvertSwitcher.qtz (you can use it as an example for your custom effects).

    Best. Philippe
  • Yes... I understood that, but _strobe (on my screenshot) is an effect from Quartz Composer. I would like to activate this by a key (like invert effect) via Milluplug.
    But how can I find the effect and param which matches with effects in Milluplug (I think effect Quartz)

    Thx by advance
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    You can't, sorry.
    We created the effect InvertSwitcher.qtz specially for you, and there is a parameter inside this effect to activate/deactivate the invert filter.
    In brief : this has nothing to see with the checkbox to enable/disable an effect in Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi. So thank you for your answer.
    Bad news :(

    So I thank to Antoine for the time and the .qtz file with the effect Invert...

    If I make and news file .qtz with the strobe effect AND active/desactive option, can I match this with a key ? The effect and param are chosen with Quartz ?

    So thank you and have nice time...
  • Yes, you can do it with Quartz Composer. Have a look to the InvertSwitchez.qtz example we provide you.
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