Problem: OSC message between Milluplug and Osculator


I'm trying the demo version of Millumin.
I have a problem of connexion between Milluplug and Osculator.
I created a cue in a Millumin's timeline loop in order to trigger an Apple Script in Osculator.
Osculator receives and detects my OSC message but triggers ONLY one time. When the cue is reached a second time after the loop, nothing happens in Osculator.

Do you have a solution for me ?
Thank you in advance for your help.



  • Hello @achart

    We've tested your configuration and apparently the message doesn't reach OSCulator. However other applications can catch it.
    If you want to improve your workflow, you could have a look at the OSC documentation and  the Millumin dev kit. to simplify the communication between your applications.

    Antoine M*

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    Thank you for your answer !

    On my configuration, the message reaches Osculator. But only one time... It seems to be a problem of interpretation by Osculator. It detects the message the first time but doesn't recognize the same message the second time.


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    More precisions about my problem.

    I have recorded a video to explain my problem.

    In the first minute, i try to communicate with Osculator from Millumin.
    After, i open terminal to show you messages from Millumin.

    "Cue1" messages trigger ONLY one time, but "test" messages trigger EACH time. The messages seem to be different.

    Maybe Osculator doesn't like the syntax of "cue1" messages ??

  • Hello @achart,

    It seems that OSCulator ignores an OSC message, if the parameter has the same value : I mean, everytime Millumin is reaching the cuepoint, it sends the OSC message "cue1" with parameter = 1.0

    If you click on the test button, it will send the OSC message "cue1" with parameter = 0.0, then once again but with parameter = 1.0
    As the parameter is changing, OSCulator does not seem to ignore it.

    I think you should contact OSCulator support to have the word from the developers. There is maybe an option in OSCulator.
    Best. Philippe
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