3 full HD output on Mac Mini

I saw there are 2 mini display port and 1 HDMI output on the latest Mac Mini.
Did Someone tried to run Millumin on the latest Mac Mini with 3x1080p output and a video of 5940px x 1080px?



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    Hello @legoman,

    We don't have this lastest MacMini at our studio, but from benchmarks results, the graphic card is half as powerful as the one from MacBookPro Retina. Resultats : Intel Iris 5100 = 741 versus GeForce 750M = 1388.

    Despite such numbers don't reflect exactly the reality, we could expect that a MacMini would run 3 x 1080p feeds, since the MacBookPro Retina can run 6 x 1080p feeds.
    Also, using HAP in 64-bits mode (since this MacMini runs under OSX Yosemite) should improve performance somehow.

    Of course, I didn't run tests on this lastest MacMini, and this is just my point of view from pure theory. Sorry for this fuzzy reply.
    If some people got the time, thank you for letting us know the result on your own MacMini.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi

    See here :

    Only 2 screens on a Mac Mini !!!

  • Hello,

    On its wesbite, Intel is saying that its Intel Iris 5100 can run 3 screens. But yes, a lot of people on internet reported that only one Thunderbolt can be used with a monitor. This could be an hardware limitation on the motherboard.
    Thank you for the info @Manouche35.

    Best. Philippe
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