Hi guys. Disclaimer: I'm a production manager with a audio background, so bare with me. I have a client that needs to play video across three screens. Total pixel space is 8400 x 1080. We're thinking of using Millumin and the new Mac Pro's multiple thunderbolt outputs to achieve this res. The Mac Pro will feed a Spyder. 
Is this a suitable solution?
Is there a more cost effective solution?
What format-codec should I have the client build their video in?
The Mac Pro is a new purchase for us. Are there any upgrades that are essential?

Any help is appreciated.


  • Hello @Mike

    In my opinion, Millumin should run the ~3*full HD on the hardware you're pointing at. 
    Concerning the codec, you could have a look at this post 

    Antoine M*
  • Hi Mike,

    How do you want to show 8400x1080 on 3 screens? Do you use 4k Monitors or are we talking about projection screens? If you want to use projectors you will need 5 projectors at least (each with a resolution of 1920x1080).
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