how to: 2 XGA panoramic projection and a FullHD "mixdown"

Hi everyone,

I am testing Millumin for a simple mapping project and might need a bit of help. I'll use 2 XGA beamers to map the walls, and I'll have a 3rd, Full HD beamer that is intended to show a "mixdown" of the panoramic projection in a different space. Is there a way to use the 3rd projector separately and not part of the panorama? So that after I have set up the panoramic projection I could send the image separately to the 3rd beamer? Or should I create a composition within the composition and position the final image to the FullHD beamer? I hope I am clear, and hope you could help.
thanks in advance


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    Hello @fancsikai

    The solution you are pointing will work but the ratios of your screen are not the same so you will loose some pixels.

    The other solution would be to run two instances of Millumin : 
    - the first one for your two XGA beamers, and rendering  a Syphon output
    - the second one receiving the Syphon and rendering it to the full-HD beamer

    If you are bit patient, Millumin 2 will handle this case.

    Antoine M* 

  • oh, thanks a lot. i didn't think of running two instances. btw, how is it possible on the same machine?
  • ah, sorry, I just found the tutorial for that. thanks again!
  • one more thing: is that not possible to prevent millumin from slicing up the image to the separate projectors? if i wish to project two different layers on the two different projectors instead of a panorama, i can't see what is the workaround.
  • oh, sorry for the stupid question, i understood now.
    (this is a great discussion on the forum. me talking to myself :)
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