send OSC messages to another laptop with millumin


I would like to send OSC messages from milluplug on my laptop to another laptop with millumin too. I would like to use wifi, but also try with a lan cable but nothing happen...

I'dont understand, I am in the same network, I enter the right IP adresse in send and listen OSC messages....

I dont' know what to do...

Thanks for your help



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    Hello @peppinoline

    This configuration should work.
    Here is a configuration for two computers connected to the same network. (see attached images)

    - Millumin from the sending laptop should be connected to Milluplug in localhost (send port 5001 listen port 5000)

    - Milluplug on the sending laptop in the Millumin tab is on send port 5001 listen port 5000

    - OSC tab in Milluplug is connected to the receiver Millumin IP  ( here) on port 5000.

    - Millumin on the receiving laptop is configured to listen on port 5000. 

    If you just want to synchronise to instance Millumin, you could give a try to simpleSync.

    Antoine M*

  • Thank you Antoine,

    I do exactly the same think but it doesn't work... I have an demo version on my second laptop, do you think it is because of this?
  • Hello @peppinoline

    have you checked that you send the correct message from Milluplug ? 
    For example : /millumin/layer/opacity/1 should change the opacity of the first layer. 

    To identify the source of the problem, you could use the test button at the bottom of Milluplug. 
    If the opacity of the receiving laptop changes, then the problem might be in the connection between Milluplug and Millumin on the sending laptop. 

    Antoine M*
  • this is what I have....

    But I think in my second laptop the the address in listen OSC messages must be the one who sends and not IP of this laptop, but we can't change the address?
  • ok so it was not the right message... I have do select the column in the week next to the command... 

     thank you Antoine
  • Hello Antoine,

    And if I want to send osc messages to different laptop? These laptops must have the same IP address and same port? It's working like that?

  • Hello @peppinoline

    On a network, each machine must have a unique IP address. 
    If you want to send the same message on multiple machine, I suggest you to have a look at simpleSync

    Antoine M*
  • Thank you Antoine,

    SimpleSync is not very adapted. In the other laptop I don't have necessary Millumin ( but modul8), and I want to send different OSC message at different time. 

     Like, when I launch column 1, in the same time I hide the layer 1 in modul8 in the machine 2 an hide the layer 2 in modul8 in the machine 3...

    thanks for your help!

  • Hello @peppinoline

    If you want to send various OSC messages to multiples machines, I suggest you to have a look at the developer kit. 
    The Applescript sample should help you to synchronise your computers with OSC messages

    Antoine M*
  • Hi Antoine,
    i have a problem to sync 2 computers with MilluPlug.
    Configuration is quite simple, i send you a screenshoot with OSC prefs of the master computer.
    Millumin is sending info to MilluPlug, because the console receive something.
    The test button is working, because it control the other Millumin instance over ethernet.
    But when i try to go to the next column with the space bar, nothing happens on the other computer.

    It seems that the OSC instruction send from Millumin isn't understood as "Any column is launched" Milluplug instruction.

    Any idea ?

  • Hello @Pierre,

    Please try using different ports to send the messages to the other computer.

    for example : 
    -On the "master" machine Millumin sends to localhost port 5001 (you don't need to listen)
    -On the "master" machine Milluplug listen on port 5001 (see attached screenshot)
    -On the "master" machine Milluplug sends on port 8000 to the "slave" machine
    -On the "slave" machine Millumin listen on port 8000 (you don't need to send).

    Antoine M*

  • Hi Antoine,
    i've done like you say,
    "Master Millumin" send osc message to Milluplug (i see it in the console)
    Milluplug send osc to "Slave Millumin" with the test button,
    But "Master Millumin" has no direct effect to "Slave Millumin".

    Don't know where to search…
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    Hi @Pierre,

    We've tested your configuration and it's working on our network (see image below).
    If it still doesn't work, be sure that your network configuration is working well with those ports or try in another network.

  • Hi Antoine,
    i just change port 5000 that should be used by another application and it work like a charm…

    Thanks for your time.
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