Exact Resolution with Full screen

I'm testing your software which looks very promising and usefull.
Because Most of the time I work with LED screens I normally Produce content as 1:1 Pixel resolution as the LED wall.
One thing I couldn't understand about millumin is Resolution Output.
Lets say I have a LED screen with Resolution of 768x400 and I config Millumin Project size the same, When I press the Full Screen button millumin scales the composition up to the output size. isn't there a way to keep it the same size without scaling up? also if I use the scale feature which is based on percentage I can't know exactly what is the output resolution...


  • Hello @vjkatza,

    I suppose OSX is seeing your LED panel as a 1024x768 screen, but you just want to use the first 768x400 pixels (instead of the whole screen).
    Be sure to enter 1024x768 (or whatever is the resolution seen by OSX) as the global resolution in Millumin. Then use the first 768x400 pixels in the workspace (the rest should be black).

    I'm sorry, but there is no option to prevent Millumin from rescaling your content to fit the whole output.
    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you for your answer,
    I understand the technique you suggest, but as a "Show Control" software this is unsufficiant for me.
    The second method I thought about is syphoning millumin's output to another mapping software but this degrades durability with live performances.
    I hope with forthcoming versions it would be possible to control size & position more accurate and numerically because this software looks amazing, prommising and affordable!!
  • You can fit your output with "corners" inside the transform page at Output window. This will help you to force the ratio on your final output.

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