Midi triggers MTC problem

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Hello all,

I am in the process of switching from Qlab to Millumin for the video part of the show I am touring.
We have MTC running out of qlab, over network to a display for the lighting operator.
Over the same network we run midi notes out of the Qlab computer as well.
These notes trigger the different video cues.

I have now switched over to Millumin, the problem that we are seeing is that the moment MTC starts running out of Qlab.
All the dashboard cues (the ones with MIDI triggers) start running seemingly random....
when I get rid of the midi triggers in Millumin, the problem goes away.

I have set up the triggers in Millumin through learn and without the MTC it works brilliant.

I hope that anyone can help me.




  • Hello @sanderlooner,

    QLab sends MTC as several MIDI notes on channel 0, and 4 times per frame (so between 96 and 120 times per seconds).
    You probably choosed "To Millumin" for your MTC, so Millumin gets all these messages and they are conflicting with your MIDI triggers.
    Could you explain me why you need to send the MTC to Millumin ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Phillipe, 

    I am not needing to to send MTC to Millumin, but I use it for a clock that runs on screen to see the timecode of the music. I need to call flywal cue's on music.

    In Qlab I had chosen the network patch to send the MTC to. not only to Millumin. 
    We have found a work around now though.
    in the computer that is sending the MTC to the rest of the computers on the network, we have made two MIDI network sessions. One for the MTC and one for the Midi Notes to trigger clips off the dash board.

    this works. but it is still a little bit odd that Millumin reacts to MTC when it is only set up to listen to specific Notes.

    anyway, it is working now.
    if you want to come and have a look at our set up, we will be touring into paris next week until January.
    we will be in Theatre de la Ville

    thanks for the quick reply



  • Hello @sanderloonen,

    Here is my setup in QLab, but you shouldn't have "To Millumin" and rather your own destination.

    This is strange : maybe QLab is sending the MIDI signal to all the destination.
    If so, this is normal that it messes Millumin : because MTC is sending almost all the possible MIDI notes !

    I'd be happy to me you a Theatre de la Ville. Please write me an email to contact@millumin.com so we could find a date and an hour ;)

    Best. Philippe.
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