keep milluplug settings

Hi... How can I keep settings of milluplug from a compter to an another ?
OK for the mapping midi of Millumin, but for Milluplug ? Thx a lot !!!
Bye !


  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    MilluPlug settings cannot be exported. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hop.. Thx for your answer
  • Hello all,
    I also need to move milluplug settings form one computer to another.  I have quite a few mappings to it would be a rather cumbersome and error-prone process to do it manually.

    is there a secret file somewhere in the application package, or the ~/Library, or in /Library, or anywhere else that has all the defined mappings stored?
    any hack to get around this limitation?


  • Hello @Batchku,

    As written above, MilluPlug settings cannot be exported. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe, is this function in the to do list ? ;-)
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    Keep in mind that MilluPlug is an experimental application from the lab. We didn't plan to add such a function in MilluPlug.
    In the contrary, MilluPlug will directly integrated in Millumin V2.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,
    Thanks for the clarification.
    I saw the thread above and i realize that they can't be "exported".
    I'm asking where they are actually stored on the hard disk.

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