Duplicate Compositions

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Is possible duplicate Compositions?



  • Hello @ibox,

    No, it's not possible.
    But you can select all your layers (CMD+A), then copy-and-paste them into your new composition.

    By the way, in a near future, it will be possible to import MILLU files : so you will be able to import compositions from previous projects.

    Best. Philippe.
  • Ok

  • hi, 
    still not possible to do that?
    when I copy and paste all my layers into a new comp with the same source file into it, it only displays the first slice I made from the original comp, not the ones i made out of that one...
    Pic one is my comp with all the slices
    Pic 2 is the result with copied layers in a new comp

    thank you

  • Hello @roulito,

    As you copy-and-paste new instances of layers, you must reassign the "target layer" (select the "copy layer", then change the "target layer" value, in the Properties panel on the right).

    Best. Philippe
  • hey that's the trick!
    thank you once again :)
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