Layers to beamers

Hello I ´m using Millumin with two beamers (same brand & resolution) and a Mac Pro with several vidéo outputs.
Is it possible to attribue a layer to a beamer specifically ?
For instance :

Layer 1 > beamer A
Layer 2 > beamer B

I don't want to split ONE image on two screens. I want to use TWO different images on each screen with their own attributes (Mapping, Fx, etc...)

Im using now Madmapper through the Syphon to do this.

Can I do this directly through Millumin ?
Thks in advance for your answer.



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    Hi Francesco,

    Each layer has its own position properties, so the short answer is yes you can.

    e.g. for two projectors, each is 1280x720
    1. Setup Output : Custom 2560x720
    2. Multiscreen : Number of screen 2. Assign each screen to a physical output
    3. Use one layer with position x : -720
    4. Use one other layer wit position x : 720
    I hope it helps,

  • Hi
    It's -640 and +640 (1280/2)
  • Oups... right Manu, I wrote to fast.

    Pos x have to be set to -640 for the first layer and 640 for the second one
  • Hello Renaud & Manu,
    Thanks a lot for your quick help.
    It works very well.
    It's even more easy than I thought : when the 2 beamers are connected to the Macpro, Millumin recognizes them and attributes automatically a layer per screen. Great !

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