Canon EOS camera support

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Working on that. Good results :)
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    However, the resolution is limited by Canon SDK : 1024 x 680 (this is the resolution of the preview screen).

    if you wanna go up to 1920 x 1080 : you have to do it via a capture card.
    BlackMagic cards are working well with Millumin :)

  • How did you do it? I've connect my camera and didn't list it as a layer (Canon EOS Rebel T2i). Thanks a lot!
  • Hi Philippe,

    Today i found a GREAT app working fine with millumin..

    Canon2syphon, it help you use a canon ( i tested with 5d mark II ) in millumin.
    Just put usb cable, launch the app, and its on, you can use it!

    Resolution 1057x704 but i didnt make much trying cause i was in hurry.

    Maybe you could give it a try.

    Best. Luca
  • Sorry, i forgot..

    Obviusly the app stream over syphon, so you must use a syphon layer for it.

    Just to be correct.

  • Thanx @dadovisual :)

    @colormono : EOS support is an experimentation but not included in Millumin for the moment.
    As @dadovisual said, you can use Canon2Syphon in the meantime.
    Did it work on your computer ?
  • Phillipe, have you try some of external Blackmagic card to put it as live layer in Millumin? Blackmagic has introduced new ultrastudio mini recorder and mini monitor and I would like to try it with Millumin in some future project. Lukas
  • Hello @lukas,

    OSX supports very well The BM cards : except the new ones (like the Intensity Thunderbolt).
    That's why I decidee to support natively the BM cards in Millumin : in the next months, Millumin will use the BM drivers/SDK (so perfect support).
    In the meantime, I wrote 2 mini-applications to capture input or output video. It's working pretty well, and have better performances than OSX components.
    Please, write me an email of you want them.

    Best. Philippe.
  • Hi

    When is possible to work with Nikon D7000 or + ??

  • Hello @Schaf,

    I didn't plan to work on th Nikon. Sorry.
    But it could be possible as they released a SDK : but it should probably need more work than for Canon, because the SDK is far less friendly.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks but what is a SDK ???

    This my mailbox to joint you in private because it for private discution.

  • Hello @SCHAF,

    Here is my reply (I put it public, as it may interest other people).

    A SDK (Software-Development-Kit) is a set of libraries to control something.
    For example, Canon released their SDK, so coders started to write applications to control the EOS cameras.
    Nikon did the same, but in a less elegant way : so it's a lot harder to develop for these cameras.

  • ok thank
  • Hello

    Can you send me the application for canon support please (for my Canon EOS 600D) ?

    I tested canon2syphon and it works well on my computer. But I would like to try with your application to compare.

  • Hello @manouche35,

    I finally stopped the development of this application, as another developers released an independant Syphon application. Anyway, my application was using exactly the same libraries, so in therory, no difference.

    However, Vade (one of the creator of Syphon) released a more efficient version than Canon2Syphon. You can download it here (link at the bottom of the webpage).

    Best. Philippe
  • Ok, thanks !
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