Mapping PC output using Millumin

I am developing a theatrical dance work that features interactive video projections. It is similar in theory but different than using the Kinects. Example: The dancer is standing just in front of the projection screen and a projected image (e.g. animated butterflies) surrounds the outline of the dancer's body - similar to a halo. However as the dancer moves the projected image tracks the movement of the dancer's body. Other examples include images (butterflies, bird etc.) that appear on the opposite side of the projection surface from where the dancer is located and then are attracted towards the dancer as she moves. Or the dancers runs from right to left leaving a trail of butterflies behind her. Five seconds after appearing on the trail the butterflies would again flow toward and surround the outline of the dancer's body and track the dancer's movement. The projection designer only codes his interactive algorithms on the PC platform. The IR camera being used is not the Kinects but the IDS imaging, UI-5240CP-NIR-GL. My question is how can I take output from the PC and map it using Millumin? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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