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I am new to using quartz composer so I am at a bit of a loss.  I am trying to get it to watch a folder of images and increment through them with cues in a composition.  I was able to watch the folder, grab the image based on a number from the cue and display it in Millumin through syphon server.  What I want it to do is count up by one and remember that numer to continue adding one when the cue tells it to. I would also like when it gets to the last image to subtract by a certain number so it can replay those images until more are dumped into the watched folder.  It looks like the counter patch should do the trick but I have no idea how to use it.  I can't seem to translate the OSC command to Boolean to get the counter to count. I even tried sending 1 and 0 as my command.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


  • Hello @Sweet_Horizon,

    Quartz Composer sees OSC as a continuous stream of data, and not as an event.
    That's why you need a little trick to make it work as you wish :
    - in Millumin, be sure OSC settings are localhost/5001/5000
    - create a composition with 2 cuepoints ("cue1" and "cue2")
    - play the composition
    - run the QTZ file attached in Quartz Composer
    - the counter will increase everytime the composition play the cuepoint "cue1"
    - the cuepoint "cue2" is needed to reset the value sent via OSC (so it can be converted as an event in Quartz Composer)

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you that helped tremendously.  Has anybody been able to get two images into quartz composer, say side by side? Is there a good resource out there that I can learn Quartz Composer?
  • Hello @Sweet_Horizon,

    You can find a lot of ressources on the Wikipedia page of Quartz Composer.

    Best. Philippe
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