Dynamic image server and Millumin

Want to have a live feed from a dynamic image server (served off a local web server) to play images as we are revealing them.  Has anyone had a good experience with Millumin and a image server working in conjunction?



  • Hello @goldie,

    Depending on how you get the live feed on your computer, you could use :
    - Syphoner (to grab the content of a browser or any application window)
    - a capture card such as a Blackmagic one
    - see your local web server in the "Inputs" folder (in Millumin library)

    Best. Philippe
  • Philippe,

    Thank you for the response.  We did try Syphoner to grab the content of the browser and utilizing it we could do the 4032 x 1080 browser space.  That is our current work around.  We looked at the capture cards and that was the fallback plan if Syphoner did not work out well.  I will check the local web server you referenced above and report back.  Thank you.
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