Welcome to AntoineM

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Hello all,

Yes, we revamped the whole forum, and it's the perfect timing to introduce @antoineM
Antoine has been working with us on Millumin for about 1 year.
He likes bikes (a lot and on long distances).
He is here to help you :)

Please welcome him !
Best. Philippe



  • Hello everyone,

    I'm pleased to join the forum.
    I'm sure we'll have a lot to discuss in the near future.

    Antoine M*

  • Hi Philippe and Welcome Antoine,

    This is VJ KayCee from India and its nice to meet you Antoine...
    Happy New Year guys and Have a great year...

    I recently designed a Stage called the #Ironheart at the VH1Supersonic festival In Goa India. 
    I would like to inform you that it was a great pleasure to see the "Above and Beyond" team use Millumin to do all their visuals...

    I was so excited and even had a chat with them about you Philippe... you are definitely making it to the world and I congratulate you on you achievement.

    Good luck


    VJ KayCee
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