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Hello all

I have a show where I have a compostition with a few Q points (5)
There is a part of the performance where a part of the compostition is looping between Cue 3 and 4.
Then the whole composition starts from Cue 5

on the Dashboard I have put 2 instances of the Comp. one with looping the Comp between Cue 3 - 4
the next running the comp from Cue 5.
This works (a bit of stuttering but it works)
When I go back to the 1st instance of the Comp however I get a Black screen and nothing plays (the loop from 3 to 4 should be playing)
is this expected behaviour?
I hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong?



Millumin version 1.19
MacbookPro 8,2
2,4Ghz i7
SSD drive


  • Hello @Sander,

    Could you please send me your project file to contact@millumin.com ?
    I will dig this problem.

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