How to? Define numeric values for the slices

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Hi Millumin Community!
I had a little question, perhaps someone here knows how to, or perhaps should I submit this on the uservoice.
I was trying to define precisely the coordinates of slices in a comp, but didn't find anything else than zooming the max I could and doing it manually with the mouse.
Is there another way to do it?
Thanks for your ideas!



  • Hello @vbaudron,

    Sorry, there is no text-controls to change these values numerically.
    We rather believe in graphic edition than text ediction, especially in the case of mapping, where graphic result counts first.
    Feel free to create an idea on Uservoice, but be sure to describe your context, and why graphic edition is not sufficient.

    Best. Philippe
  • Dear @Millumin,

    In my case, this would be very useful (I could say it's a strong need) in the corporate events markets. It's very common to have prebuilded compositions with a precise "map" of the pixel space of every screen.
    Last example, this week:
    - we had 3 screens, horizontally aligned and separated by a precise space, let's say 100cm.
    - the creative team created an After Effects composition of 5920x1080 (3 Full HD + 80px between the screens, as calculated from the actual projection screens sizes and the 100cm gap) and gave us a movie at this resolution
    - we knew then that we had to create 3 slices at a size of 1920x1080 and to posiion them at the extreme left, precise center, and extreme right
    It was very easy to position the slices precisely, but somewhat confused to change the sizes of the slices, and we lost in precision by doing in graphically.

    This is really the way we're working on corporate events, and it would help to gain some 5 or 10 precious minutes during the setup of an event…

    Do not hesitate should you need further details.


  • Hello @vbaudron,

    You could use the feature "Split into 3 x 1", but as you got additional 80px space, it won't fit your needs. If the creative-team produce a 5760x1080 movie, you even won't have to use the graphic interface.

    Also, you could create a PNG files, with lines/guides to help you to do the slicing.
    Finally, when the slicing is done, you can reuse it (see "Edit > Copy mapping only" from the menubar).

    I created an idea on Uservoice, but please keep in mind, that we're very cautious about keeping the interface as simple as possible. Let's see if other users are in the same case.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe,

    We did use the "Split into 3x1" feature, and then readjusted the slices properly. The main reason for not producing a 5760x1080 is to keep a little margin if the screens do not fit exactly what was planned (as you know, it happens everytime!).
    Thanks for creating the idea on uservoice!

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