Urgent ! auto-follow transition

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Why when I put an auto-follow transition the cross fade doesn't work? 

thanks a lot for your answer !


  • Hello @peppinoline,

    It should work : we tested this, and everything is fine.
    Be sure you didn't apply an "automatic transition" to a media (a cell).

    Best. Philippe
  • In my project ma first media freeze at the end and after the second one come with an fade in, but there is no crosse fade. I'm in auto-follow, simple fade transition with 8 secondes. The transition is in the same layer.

  • Hello @peppinoline,

    Sorry but we checked again, and nothing appeared wrong in our tests.
    Please be sure to update to the lastest version of Millumin, and if the problem persists, please send us your MILLU file on contact@millumin.com
    In general, it's better to contact us via email, if you got an urgent problem.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @peppinoline,

    Following our private exchange. Yes, this behavior is the one expected : the auto-follow is happening at the end of the media, so the "automatic transition" (so the media is "freezed" during this transition).
    You would like that the "auto-follow" happens before the end of the media (the end of the media minus the duration of the transition), but it's unfortunately not possible in Millumin, mainly because "auto-follow" mode can be used independently from the "automatic transition".
    In your case, I think the best solution may be to create a composition.

    However your idea is interesting, and I added it to Uservoice.

    Best. Philippe
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