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I just start using Millumin. ( Using Trail Verision )

Can i just project wrking area only with projector ?
Because i can use " Full Screen " method to make the projection right, But i cant do any edit with millumin. ( I am editing in AE interface Currently )
Do i miss some function to do this ??

Thanks for Help


  • kitkit
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    i want to edit in millumin interface and project the video on wanted object(with full screen video ).
  • Dear @kit,
    Did you setup your displays correctly? I mean that, if I get what you're saying, it looks like you're in mirror mode and not extended. This is a setup related to OSX, not Millumin.
    Check this page:

    After that, you'll be able to setup the FullScreen of Milllumin to show up on the output connected with your projector. ("Output" tab > "Multiscreen" tab" , and you select your output screen under the display).

  • kitkit
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    Thanks vbaudron's reply~^_^

    I can display full screen (On screen 1 - Projector) and AE interface( on Screen 2 - Mac's Screen)  with Extended Mode.
    But i just can control AE interface in this setup.( Because Millumin used in full screen mode already )

    Can i use Millumin interface on Screen 2( for remapping Video )  and Still using Projector for Screen 1 ??

    Thanks for the reply again~!
  • @kit,

    You can just use both AE and Millumin interfaces on Screen 2 and display your Millumin "result" on Screen 1.
    No problem for that, just don't display Millumin interface in Full screen, but in "windowed" mode. As well you'll have both interfaces on Screen 2. Meanwhile, there is no problem for display your Full Screen Millumin "result" on Screen 1.

    Hope it can help you,

  • Thanks vbaudron,

    Let me try this tonight !!!
    Really thanks for the help!!!

  • it Work!!
    Thanks vbadron !!!
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