Scaling down projectors number and output resolution

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Good afternoon everyone,
I'm looking for a easy and clever way to "downscale" the millumin's project I have: The initial project is made with 3 videoprojectors on a output resolution of 5760 x 1080 pixels. Now, I want it to be with 2 videoprojectors (3840 x 1080) in skipping the third VP.
How can I get rid of the screen #3 (no medias where shown on that one) and let all the layers position focused on the correct screens (#1 & #2)?
Indeed, when you reduce the size of the output resolution, the canvas removes pixels on left and right size, which let part of my medias out of the screens and crop my compositions...
Thank you for your advices, my millumin project is made of 45 columns, 60 layers on  the dashboard, many many masks and slices, 5 compositions with positions keyframe... the simplest way will be the better...


  • Precision: I would like to avoid the "Syphon technique" between two instances, which could create a weakness in a reliable setup.
  • Hello @benoitsimon,

    You could run a Python script using the  /millumin/layer/addX/  OSC message.
    Please see the attached script.
    I don't a solution for the keyframes, unless rendering the composition then cropping them. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you Philippe. I'm gonna try it.
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