Masking - I don't get it

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When doing masking it seems the GUI where I draw up the mask uses coordinates of the graphics before mapping. However, what's shown on the screen is the mapped version. This doesn't work well, as what I draw is then not what I see.

When working it seems sensible to first do the mapping, and then use the masking to mask out things being obscured on the stage. The current way of working with this seems a bit backwards.


  • Hello @linen351,

    Masking is processed before mapping.
    Usually, you don't do both, it's rather handy to create a global mask : create a black "fill layer" on the top of the other layers, then draw a mask.
    If you are still missing a feature, please submit an idea on Uservoice explaining your case (it helps us to keep track of user requests, and see their popularity).

    Best. Philippe
  • Clever thinking - creating a black layer, and then "cut out" the areas which should be visible. Having an inverse mask actually makes things easier in this case. Thanx!
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