Urgent: Flash frames between cues

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Hello, I'm running a theatrical show in Millumin.
I find it a very good software for theatre application, a very complete software.

I have an issue to address.
I have a composition with a media layer inside and some cue points (that run the media from A to B and from B to C), then loaded the composition in the dashboard several times to play the cues how needed.
When I play some cues I have a frame from the beginning of the media flashing when I start those cue. It happens to cues that run the media not from the beginning.
How can I address it? I know there is a workaround but can't figure it out by myself.
Thank you in advance for the help


  • Hello @aigore,

    This "flash frame" is technically normal, even if it's not the expected behavior : if your cuepoint is in the middle of your movie, Millumin has to start from the beginning then seek to the right time-position. This operation can take a few milliseconds, so time to time a flash frame can be seen.

    To optimize movie launching, Millumin automatically preloads them, but only from the first frame of the movie. We're working on creating a new algorithm to preload a movie from any time-position, but it's a hard task, and it won't come in the next weeks, sorry.

    In brief : Millumin isn't designed to start a movie in the middle.
    Recommandation : you should split your movie, so your cuepoint always starts at the beginning of it.

    I hope I replied to your question.
    Best. Philippe
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