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Essentially I only need one button in TouchOsc - the space button, making my show/presentation/timeline move forward one column. A second button stepping back would be helpful to, but is not needed. Is there such a button in the current TouchOSC-layout, and if not, how would I make such a layout?


  • Hello @linen351,

    There is such an example in the developer-kit.
    Also, you can follow one of the TouchOSC tutorial to learn how to create your own layouts. The OSC documentation for Millumin is there.

    Best. Philippe
  • one button to step forward and one to go back
  • Thanx Lars, it's all I ever dreamt off! Philippe, maybe you could, if Lars permits, add this to the OSC-post so that other people might find a shortcut to this very useful feature?
  • So, after running my evaluation presentation I can conclude that remote over TouchOSC didn't work too well. More often than not response was sluggish - you pressed the button and nothing happened for a second. If you pressed twice it would eventually fast forward two columns. No such problems what so even when using spacebar on the keyboard. As the network was dedicated solely to this task my guess is that the OSC-thread maybe has much lower priority than the rest of millumin, and that the messages for that reason are delayed.
    So, better remote control is a need.
  • Hello @linen351,

    Many users run application using OSC with Millumin everyday. With great results.
    OSC thread in Millumin has high priority.

    Pressing a button in TouchOSC and nothing happening in Millumin, is typically a symptom of a bad network. I don't think it's a Millumin problem.
    I guess you should try to do the same thing with a computer-to-computer network, as in this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
  • Computer-to-computer tended to drop out. Not Millumin issue of course, possible something with iOS 8. Anyhow, thanks for advice about the network!
  • Can you maybe map a typical remote controller? That would be much easier and safer. But again, it's true it's up to the network. You can always set up a local wifi network, which would depend more on your laptop / ipad signal, which I think may be stronger some times if not too far one from another. Tell me if I'm wrong.
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