AirDisplay and Yosemite

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2 things :
- no airplay with an apple tv
- with AirDisplay and iPad third generation, I've got 8 fps (With OSX 10.9, I've got 20-30 fps)

My confguration :
- iMac Z0PE 256GB SSD
- 2 videoprojectors 1024x768 in 2 thunderbolts
- 2 iPad with AirDisplay
- 1 AirPort Extreme in ethernet
- 1 apple TV in ethernet

I test in few days the apple TV with a videoprojector HDMI


  • Hello @Manouche35,

    Are you sure this is a problem related to Millumin ? It doesn't seem so, rather a problem between AirPlay and Yosemite.

    Best. Philippe
  • Yes, this problem comes Yosemite. I reinstall Maverich and it works fine ! But apple doesn't know if it's comes Yosemite or because an other application was in conflict (Millumin, or AirDisplay, or other).
  • The problem comes from AirDisplay, in OSX 10.9.5 and 10.10 !!! No apple TV after installing air display !
    I don't know how to have AirPlay and iPad wireless simultaneously....
  • Hello @Manouche35,

    I really don't see why Millumin could cause such a problem, especially if it works fine on Mavericks.
    I guess you should contact AirDisplay support.

    Best. Philippe
  • Millumin isn't the problem.
    I will contact AirDisplay support.
    Thank you !
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