MIDI note launch columns (and don't stop it)

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Hi @millumin,
is there a way to map a midi note to launch-column-action, and not to launchOrStop?
Because if I do the launchOrStop midi-mapping, the columns starts on the first note, and then stop if I re-send the same note.

I tried to edit the launchOrStop/1 message to change it to launch/1, but edit is not allowed in the Devices/midi window.

Is there a clue for avoiding stopping a column with Midi Note?

It's possible with OSC, but it could be simpler to have just a midi message (included in Ableton Live Tracks and in so many software or hardware) rather than using a max4live device that will cost a bit more CPU.




  • Hello @deuzair,

    Sorry, it's not possible through native MIDI support of Millumin, you'd have to do it through OSC or MilluPlug.

    Best. Philippe
  • Ok. Is there a chance to have this behavior changed?

    IMHO, it might be simpler to use midi messages to just play columns. (A-la abletok live)

    If I send a message for playing the column, it just play the column. If I send it again, media will re-start from the beginning. If I want to stop, I just insert a column without media.
    I understand that this could be done with mulluplug, but I would prefer a straightforward solution for this essential function.

    Just my 2 cent's remarks !!


  • Hello @deuzair,

    It's not planned, I'm sorry.
    For now, you can do it in MilluPlug, but MilluPlug is meant to be integrated directly into Millumin, so it should od the job. However, we got no release date for this.

    Best. Philippe
  • I LOVE the idea to include Milluplug in millumin.thank you !!

    (Even if I continue to think that an option in the device/midi panel could be implemented to choose between playStopColumn and PlayColumn)

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