Layer organisation & Dashboard guidelines - Millumin + Ableton Live on the same computer

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Sorry if this topic has already been discussed, I made a quick search and didn't found a relevant answer.

What is the best configuration for a show with ±30 layers and 50 columns?
The 30 layers are needed for different spatial configuration of each layers, but I never play more than 2 or 3 layers at the same time.

I'm wondering if it is safer to split the 30 layers into 5 or 6 dashboard? or maybe it doesn't affect the performance?

That is maybe a stupid question, but it is my first use of Millumin, and I want to be sure to optimize the setup the most I can do.

I plan to use Millumin for video and Ableton Live for the sound on the same computer (last retina with GT750). 
The sound technician will trig Live's scenes, and I will make a dedicated track for video that will send OSC to launch Millumin's columns.

Has anyone ever try this setup?

First times are always scary…

thanks for reading,



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    Hello @deuzair,

    If a layer is empty (no media started), it won't be rendered : so you can have as many layers as you want, only the non-empty ones count.
    However, for more flexibility et readibility, I'd recommand to split your show in several boards if possible : you'd maintain them ore easily.

    Best. Philippe
  • Tx @millumin for the tip.
    If I split the show in several dashboards, I have to send two OSC commands, one for selecting the dashboard, and one for launch the column…I will make a max4live midi device for that (and I will share it on this forum).

    I tried to cut-or-copy a layer and paste it in another board, but it lost its media… that's not a big deal, but it will be nice to just cut and paste the whole thing, and not just the layer properties.

    One another think that will retain me to work with several boards  : I cannot fade between two boards… So I will prefer to have layer-groups, that can be view in a single board or in several boards/page… So I guess I have to go on uservoice ;-)


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