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So, I'm currently evaluating Millumin, and this far it seems to mostly do what I want. I'm still uncertain about some things.

1. If I want to reorganise big segments of my board - like I have a 100 columns that I want to move at a time, can that be done?
2. If I can not move many columns at once, maybe I could use the fact that the boards are played after one and other? In that case, can I rearrange the order of the boards?
3. I can copy the mapping only, but can I copy the slicing? It seems very messy to have to do the slicing for each and every layer that I want to map.
4. Is there any way I can adjust the position of individual media? Like if one particular image in a layer is slightly offset?
5. The continue setting is convenient, but when I need to let media continue for about a 100 columns, is there a quick way to let's say let continue be default for an entire layer?

And let me say that this piece of software does seem awesome :)


  • Hello @linen351,

    To reply to your questions :
    1. As now, you can only move a column at a time (be sure to click on the "edit" button at the bottom). Sorry.

    2. You cannot reorganize board. Again sorry. But feel free to submit an idea on Uservoice : it helps us to keep track of user requests, and see their popularity.

    3. The feature "copy mapping only" is copying both mapping (position/rotation/scale/corners) and the slicing.
      Depending on your workflow, you could run two instances of Millumin : one for the content outputting via Syphon, one for the projection getting the Syphon from the first instance.

    4. You cannot arrange the possition of an individual media. But this is something we're deeply thinking about.

    5. No, you would have to put a "continue" on every cell. Not easiest thing, I've to admit.
      But we planned to changed this as well, so you could do this in a few click. Unfortenatly, it won't come in the next weeks.
    Sorry, probably not the answers you expected.
    Best. Philippe
  • Or maybe the answers I was expecting, but not the ones I was hoping for :) Anyhow, thank you for quick feedback, and it's encouraging that development seem to be alive!
  • Two instances seem to help a lot, but how do I start double instances?
  • Hello @linen351,

    Simply duplicate the file (see this tutorial for inspiration).

    Best. Philippe
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    I found you could also do:

    open -n -a millumin

    from the terminal. That also opens a new instance.
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