Permanent installation with Millumin

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I wonder if anyone had already experienced a permanent video mapping installation with Millumin.
Any tips for the automation of the project? 
Could Millumin be able to manage it by it own?
Any recommandation for the videoprojectors according to a permanent use?

Many thanks

Nye Blen


  • Hello nyeblen,

    You can setup your session, so Millumin always launches at startup (right-click on Millumin icon in the dock). In Millumin's Preferences, you can setup a default project, so it's loaded at startup.

    In the developer-kit, you will find a few Python scripts to go futher (and if the videoprojector allows it, to control it).

    Best. Philippe
  • I've built a simple Max patch to launch Millumin after the external screens are recognised (Triplehead needs some time) and from there on sends OSC triggers to Millumin to go full screen and sync two Mac's that are running 8 screens. 
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